Project & Process Development Division


The project & process development division is one of the pioneer divisions in Project Development & Design Department with mandate on design, specification and development of process machinery and equipment and their integration into pilot plant for commercial production of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Intermediate & Finished raw materials and products. On the overall the division is set-up for the design, specification and setting up of micro pilot plants for demonstration & production of commercially acceptable industrial products. In achieving the mandate of PDD department, the division R & D activities cover development of optimized industrial process technologies, establish pilot/industrial process operations and their operational manuals in the areas of research listed below:

- Food and Agro-product (Machinery and Equipment)
- Chemical and Biochemical (Machinery and Equipment)
- Pilot Plant Integration and synchronizing.
- Pilot Plant Operation Research


1· Rural fish & meat smoking kiln
2· New non – fermented weaning/baby food.
3· R & D of pilot plant production of Amylase & Gluco-Amylase by Fungi & Bacteria Process Technology (by submerged fermentation technology).
4· Rural technology for plantain & maize roasting.
5· Techno – Economics and exposition of process and pilot plant R&D results            

Pilot plant engineering design, integration and installation of:

1· Industrial solvent extraction plants
2· Spray Dryer
3· Alcohol
4· Bio-ethanol
5· Yeast propagation
6· Palm oil refining plant
7· Ginger Oleoresin plant
8· M & E for enzymes
9· New non-fermented weaning/baby food formulation and production research to replace soy-ogi.

Design, Specification, Development / Fabrication of:

1· M & E for Dehumidified Air Dryer for vegetables & fleshy fruits
2· Local condiments (Ogirri/locust bean/Iru fermentor).
3· Liquid filling machine
4· Bottle washing machine
5· Aqua Quick Treat for production of portable water in very remote areas.
6· Carbonation System (Supervisory role).
7· Beniseed De-bitterer and De-hulling Machinery and Equipment.


1· Commercial Laundry Soap machinery & equipment.
2· Commercial fish & meat smoking kilns.
3· Commercial condiment fermentor.
4· Commercial essential oil machinery & equipment.
5· Soy-ogi
6· Flash drier
7· Industrial & Pilot Ethanol production plant
8· Beniseed industrial processing plant (sweetened calcium concentrate and oil).