The department is focused on supporting R&D activities towards achieving commercialization of FIIRO research products. The department is of utmost importance and linked to all activities in the institute, as it conducts sample analyses for FIIRO research works and products, and also on contract basis for the public.  The PALM department activities are in accordance with International standards to promote the institute’s research and technologies through quality production processes, enhanced analytical services and laboratory management.

The department runs training programs such as quality control analysis, and operation and use of analytical equipment. It also carries out equipment maintenance.


  • Training on Quality Control Analysis
  • Training on Operational Use of Analytical equipment
  • Equipment Maintenance


  • Production
  • Analytical
  • Laboratory Management
  • Food Safety and Quality Management
  • Analytical Marketing


The department recently bagged its ISO certification (ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 9001) making it the first to be accredited and upgraded in Nigeria.

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