Chemical Technology Division




i. Extraction/characterisation of oils from under-utilized oilseeds in Nigeria for food and non-food purposes.
ii. Suitability of non-edible oils from underutilized oilseeds for the production of alkyd-resins
iii. Evaluation of the suitability of oils from underutilized oilseeds for the production of biodiesel as alternative source of energy.
iv. Characterization of oils from non-edible oilseeds as substitute for petroleum based chemicals in cosmetics and body care products.


i. Development and production of soap using Neem extracts.
ii. Development and production of herbal toothpaste using Neem extracts.
iii. Development and production of herbal shampoo from Neem extracts
iv. Development and production of body cream and lotion from Neem extracts.

Development and production of colorants/dyes from natural sources for food and industrial applications.
Production of sorbitol from cassava starch.
Development and production of herbal-ointment(s) from natural sources.
Development-available technologies

i. Vegetable oils and oilseeds processing
II. Production of alkyd resin from beniseed oil.
iii. Production of paint.
iv. Food colours and flavours for industrial utilization.
v. Starch processing and modifications.
vi. Soap and cosmetics
vii. Essential oils from citronella, eucalyptus and lemon grass; fragrances.
viii. Muscle relaxant and mosquito repellent from shea-fat